About Us


Gold Rush Music Group is located 

just outside of Atlanta Georgia located near the North Georgia mountains!

Dahlonega is the site of the 1st major US Gold Rush in 1828, 

hence the name Gold Rush Music Group. 

With over 20 years in the music industry, we can help you achieve 

your music goals, with your budget in mind.


Gold Rush Recording Studio

We are small but have a big sound!

We cut tracks in Nashville but you can record your vocals right here in Dahlonega, Georgia and we also mix your project to get CD ready for your project! We use Protools when we record your vocals. It makes recording so much easier than the old days! It  is also the industry's standard!

We have a small town studio in our homeplace and want to make you feel like home!


Need music tracks to sing with?

All we need is a demo from you to get started 

on your professional tracks!

With our direct connections in Nashville, 

we can help you save alot of money as well.

Once your tracks are recorded, we give you practice tracks to get you ready to record. Please remember to give us the keys and arrangements for your tracks because there won't be 

any redo's, once the tracks are cut!

Our gear


Lauten La- 220 Studio Condenser

We are using the Lauten LA-220 Condenser studio mic for vocals! 

It won the NAAM 2017 studio microphone of the year award!


Apollo Twin Duo MK 11 audio interface

With this amazing audio interface, 

you will get the clean sound that your vocals need

We have others we use as well but this is our go to.

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